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'...the colour and gleam stays true for weeks...'


Three Good Reasons to get: a Shellac Manicure

Kate Shapland on why you should invest in a long-lasting Shellac manicure.

You want a quick manicure

By which I mean you want the paint applied, set and dried rock hard in under half an hour. Not possible? Better believe it. You can stick your hand in your purse and pay within five minutes of having the paint applied because it's dried under a UV lamp which sets it like concrete in seconds.

You don't want to go back to the salon for at least two weeks

Despite its fast drying time, Shellac lasts for a minimum of 14 days and in my experience it doesn't start to look tired for at least a week longer than that. This manicure doesn't chip or wear off, the colour and gleam stays true for weeks - no matter how many times you stick your (gloveless) hands in the washing up bowl. This is because it contains a blend of polymers and monomers which give it a gel-like flexibility so it moves with your nail and a high voltage shine.

You want a quick change

It may be spookily tenacious, but Shellac Remover Wraps, soaked in varnish solvent, shift the colour in minutes.
There are 36 Shellac shades to choose from ranging from the very edgy Rock Royalty and Black Pool to this Iced Cappuccino (very Park Avenue Princess).

Review by Kate Shapland, Telegraph Online


Shellac - the ultimate long-lasting manicure

NB: This review has been edited to correct a factual error in the original Telegraph Online review. There are 36 Shellac colours, not 50 as stated in the Telegragh review.