Luxury Spa Pedicure                    £65

Lagoon’s ultimate luxury pedicure for soft, great looking feet that feel wonderful. The Luxury Spa Pedicure begins with a foot soak in marine mineral bath followed by an uplifting sea salt scrub that gently polishes and refreshes your skin to healthy glow. An aromatic exfoliating foot scrub is applied and in combination with foot filing to exfoliate the rough, dry skin on the soles of your feet. This is followed by a tension-melting foot and lower leg massage, that leaves you feeling pampered. Finally a paraffin wax treatment softens and helps revitalise your feet, before your nails are painted with an OPI polish of your choice.

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Luxury Spa Pedicure at Lagoon Beauty Spa in Wimbledon
Luxury Spa Pedicure

* Foot Soak in Marine Mineral Bath
* Sea Salt Scrub
* Exfoliation and Foot File, to remove dry skin
* Foot & Lower Leg Massage
* Paraffin Wax treatment for your feet
* File & Shape
* OPI Nail Polish of your choice


Pedicure Options:


French Pedicure

Add £4



Adored by women all over the world, because of its simplicity and the natural look it evokes. French pedicure gives your nails that clean, well-groomed appearance that is neither flashy nor fussy. A classic and demure finish that never goes out of style. 

Foot & Lower Leg Massage

Add £25

Hand Massage

Add £15

The foot is one of the most hard-working parts of the body and contains sixty acupressure points. Consequently foot massage is one of the most relaxing and effective forms of massage.Based upon the ancient principles of acupuncture, acupressure massage involves the use of medium pressure applied with the massage therapist's fingers. This very effective form of massage can help alleviate tension, stress, aches and pains, by removing energy blockages within the body and diffusing toxic build up that accumulates in the muscle tissues.