Gentlemen's Manicures

Lagoon beauty spa in Wimbledon, SW London as also offers a range of gentlemen's grooming services, aimed at those who know the value in making the right first impression. The gentlemen's manicure services offered by Lagoon are shown below:

Gentlemen's Express Manicure at LagoonExpress Manicure                 £20

The perfect regular maintenance manicure for men; cuticle tidy, nail file and shape to tidy your nails, buffing to remove ridges and imperfections.

* Cuticle Tidy
* File
* Shape
* Buffing


Gentlemen's Executive Spa Manicure at Lagoon

Executive Spa Manicure        £30

Make sure your hands make the right first impression, with an Executive Spa Manicure for complete hand and nail maintenance. The executive service includes an almond scrub exfoliation to smooth rough hands; a cuticle treatment, file and shape to tidy your nails; a short hand massage and finally your nails are buffed to remove ridges and imperfections.

* Almond Scrub Exfoliation                * File & Shape
* Hand Massage                                 * Cuticle Tidy