CND Shellac Certified Salon

CND Shellac Certified Salon

Lagoon beauty spa and nail salon based in Wimbledon SW London is a CND Shellac Certified Salon.

CND Shellac nail polish has become a hot topic in the manicure world, and why shouldn't it?
A manicure that lasts for up to two weeks, doesn't chip, and dries smudge-free, has revolutionised the beauty industry.

However, manicurists and consumers have confirmed that not all of the Shellac manicures are created equal with and the reason? Some customers in salons are being told they are receiving CND Shellac polish, but are actually receiving a different nail polish or service. In addition, not all beauty salons are quality establishments specialising in CND Shellac nails and have the qualified manicurists, specifically trained to provide CND Shellac manicures and CND Shellac pedicures.

To combat these problems, CND, the makers of Shellac nail polish are taking a stand to crack down against the fakers and poor quality nail salons, and introduced the CND Shellac Certification Program to help consumers ensure they get a authentic CND Shellac manicure or pedicure from a quality nail salon. 

The program deploys CND Education Ambassadors to visit beauty salons across the country to ensure a quality Shellac service is being provided, using authentic  CND products and equipment, along with the correct Shellac application and removal techniques. Certified CND Shellac salons can be found on’s Salon Locator.

Most importantly, stay educated a consumer and follow these four easy pointers to make sure you’re receiving authentic CND Shellac from a quality certified salon:

1. Ensure the salon you visit is a CND Shellac Certified Salon.

2. Ask if your salon uses CND Shellac products.

3. Look at the products being used during your service. If you don't see CND Shellac on the bottle, guess what? It's not.

4. When removing CND Shellac, a quality salon would never soak your nails in a bowl of acetone due to the drying effect this has on your fingers / nails. Instead, ensure that either CND Shellac Remover Wraps or the cotton and tin foil removal method is used.

Lagoon Wimbledon is a CND Shellac Certified Salon, that specialises in Shellac Manicures and Shellac Pedicures, to book an appointment please call us on 020 8947 2332.