Covid-19 Gift Voucher Policy

Lagoon Policy for Extension of Gift Vouchers affected by Covid-19 Salon Closure:
Due to the enforced Coronavirus lockdown, Lagoon Wimbledon was closed for 112 days between 23/03/20 and 12/07/20. The salon reopened on 13/07/20.
We appreciate that many of our customers will have gift vouchers which have been affected by the closure and either your gift voucher expired during the lockdown period or 112 days has been lost from the voucher redemption period.

Lagoon has decided that the fairest way to overcome this issue is to extend the expiry date on the affected gift vouchers.

Salon Gift Voucher Extension Policy:

1). For gift vouchers that were still valid after the lockdown closure (i.e. the expiry date is after the 13/07/20), Lagoon will extend the expiry date by 112 days (the number of days Lagoon was closed). The new expiry date for your gift voucher is therefore Sunday 1st November 2020.

2). For gift vouchers which expired during the lockdown period. The gift voucher expiry date will be extended by the number of days Lagoon was closed and the customer was unable to use the voucher (i.e. from the 23/03/20 to the expiry date of your gift voucher). The extension period starts from the 13/07/20, the date Lagoon reopened.

3). If you have a gift voucher for a beauty treatment which Lagoon is currently UNABLE to provide due to UK Government guidance rules, this currently includes treatments on the face (e.g. facials; eyelash extensions; face waxing; eyelash perming; etc).
Lagoon will either:
a). Extend the expiry date of the gift voucher from the date we start offering the beauty treatment again.
b). If the customer prefers, the monetary value of the gift voucher can be redeemed against another Lagoon beauty treatment. The voucher expiry date will be extended as detailed in points 1 and 2. Monetary value is defined as the amount that was originally paid for the gift voucher.

If you have a Lagoon gift voucher which has affected by the coronavirus lockdown and are unclear about the above, please email us with the gift voucher number(s) at We will be happy to check the original expiry date for you and confirm the new expiry date for your gift voucher. If you have a gift voucher for a face treatment, we can also confirm the monetary value of your gift voucher and discuss with you the options for transferring to another beauty treatment.

To redeem your gift voucher, it is recommended that you book in advance with Lagoon to secure an appropriate appointment slot. Please quote the gift voucher number(s) and required treatment(s) when booking.

Lagoon, Wimbledon
Date: 12/07/20